9 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is Important (In Bangladesh)

9 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is Important (In Bangladesh)

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Do you ever wonder what a more robust social media presence will do for your business? Well, you should.

Social Media is a powerful networking platform, and many businesses are only now recognizing its true potential. They are integrating social networks in their elaborate marketing strategies.

Currently, 89% of marketers are actively using social media platforms as a means for marketing. Still, among them, 68% of the members aren’t sure which tools to operate correctly. That’s where we come in.

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Social Media Marketing has quickly become the most essential and effective form of digital marketing. There is a massive potential for business growth if social media marketing is implemented smartly.

Large corporations, as well as generational family businesses and small startups, are all taking advantage of social media marketing.

The different types of social media marketing include:

  • Social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Social review sites (Yelp, TripAdvisor)
  • Photo sharing sites (Instagram, Snapchat)
  • Video hosting sites (Youtube, Vimeo)
  • Discussion platforms (Reddit, Quora)

These social media platforms are generally used for these specific types of marketing. However, usually, a mix of social platforms are used by businesses to stay in the loop and compete against other companies who might try to gain more market share on a particular platform.

Marketing on social sites is exceptionally versatile and efficient for reaching targets set by businesses in the long run. The value of using social media marketing is unmistakable, so let us look at some of the important ones.

Higher Traffic And Better Reach


Social sites provide a vast platform for businesses to reach out to their consumers. An average person spends 2 hours, 24 minutes browsing on social sites every day. 

Any business having multiple social media accounts can quickly gain brand recognition. People stumbling upon your profiles are more likely to visit your actual website and purchase products and services. Social media channels enable more diverse inbound traffic.

More searches on search engine convert to higher traffic to your site and maximize visibility to others interested. Thus more brand exposure is created, and it will start building up credibility online.

Targeted Audience


Social media marketing creates massive engagement through their posts. Potential consumers can leave comments, share posts and complete short surveys telling the company about their preferences. Brands can identify customer behaviour and the demographics under which they fall.

They can customize their outreach to check responses to identify their target audiences within a particular demographic. This is known as market segmentation.

Sometimes, customers can also help business detect any gap in their product or service range, which can lead to launching newer, more successful products. Consequently, the company can discover a niche market and use it as a competitive advantage by charging higher prices.

Use Platform Analytics


Social media analytics is the collection of data from social platforms to help inform us and guide our marketing strategy and helps measure performance against goals.

Some social sites have a built-in analytics dashboard such as Facebook InsightsInstagram InsightsTwitter Analytics. They show meaningful stats with visuals and data.

Measuring marketing analytics can help them make informed decisions about where to invest resources. Businesses can cut down costs where they don’t see a return on investment (ROI).

Higher Conversion To Sales


Social media has higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing. It can ease and shorten the customer journey by offering their products and services straight from their social accounts instead of just their official website.

They can also host contests and giveaways by making customers drive more traffic to their site themselves.

A specific call to action can be placed strategically so that the people feel empowered to purchase the product.


Establish Brand Authority


Social media creates brand recognition through exposure. Having a massive following on social sites give firms the control of their brand image and what consumers associate them with.

Maintaining and building relations with consumers will create brand authority with repeat purchases. This will help a business rise above its competitors.

Enhance SEO Rankings


Search Engine Optimization is essential for achieving higher page rankings and obtaining traffic to your business website. Social media is becoming crucial for search engines to calculate rankings.

It can also assist in link building. Bloggers and influencers having open, meaningful interactions and alliances with the business will create backlinks which build integrity and influence.

Sharing posts on social channels will increase the life span on the posts and create more traction.

Maintaining consistent locational and business information among all platforms also boost local SEO.

Recommendations And Reviews


Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most excellent marketing tools out there. It is living proof that your current customers are satisfied with their purchase. Social sites provide a wider platform for such word-of-mouth marketing.

Recommendations and reviews convey honest, unbiased opinion about products and services. It gives details such as price, features, usage, pros and cons. It establishes the credibility of the brand and confirms the legitimacy of the product. The best part is this that this sort of advertising is free but goes a long way.

Companies can also get constructive feedback and offer to replace unsatisfactory products.

Provide Exceptional Customer Service


Good customer service is a glimpse of how a business treats its people. Customer service on social media is more intimate than on official websites as companies can see your profile and suggest services accordingly.

Things like quick responses, availability, tailored message instead of automated ones can make all the difference.

Exceptional customer service includes monitoring mentions, being available 24/7, being proactive and adequately guiding customers into making their right choice.

Cost-Effective Method


Opening social media accounts is free, and any paid promotion is relatively low cost compared to the reach. The analytics tools that come with social sites are free too.

It’s cost-effective as return on investment (ROI) is significantly greater. It requires a small marketing budget and is often flexible.




There is no doubt that social media marketing holds a lot of advantages over traditional marketing styles. In fact, many say it’s the ‘next big thing’ in the marketing world.

Your competition is likely on social media, so don’t let them get any further. Implementing the right strategy will help boost traffic, enhance SEO ranking, healthier customer satisfaction and improve brand image and much more for minimal cost.

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