Why Digital Marketing Matters (In Bangladesh)

Why Digital Marketing Matters (In Bangladesh)

Reach beyond convention

With constant innovation and an ever-growing digital network at the toe, marketing concepts and styles are changing too. There is a greater need to explore the next ‘big thing’ which will change the way we market our products forever.

Digital Marketing plays a crucial role in this aspect. It is the collective efforts of organizations and startups to connect to the online world for beneficial marketing.

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New startups are seen taking significant advantage of digital marketing more than well-established organizations. This is mainly due to young entrepreneurs believing that traditional marketing methods are no longer generate sufficient sales and revenue. It also helps that they’re more tech-savvy than their mature counterparts.

Large corporations are catching on with digital marketing as well. Feedback taken for improvement, easier engagement and practices updated.

Types of Digital Marketing include:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Viral Marketing
  • Pay-per-click

These marketing tools are integrated into a much more powerful marketing strategy by companies. They can be additions to the traditional marketing approach or used on their own to cement an online presence.

As the Internet becomes entwined with everything we are involved in, the importance of digital marketing is becoming crystal clear.

Let us view some of the most important ones

Provides A Wider Platform

Digital Marketing presents a wider platform to access a greater number of potential consumers. The average person has more than three social media accounts, so there lies a lot of opportunities by promoting online.

Both local and international businesses are conquering the market share by going digital. This gives people a chance to try products and services from other cities and countries. They can compare and choose for themselves among the wide variety of options available.

Create A Niche Market And Targeted Audience

Digital Marketing facilitates interaction with the audience, which wouldn’t happen otherwise. Potential consumers can leave comments on social media posts and blogs or complete surveys. Companies can pick up on customer behaviour to personalize outreach. This aids in finding their target audience within a particular or few demographics, also known as segmentation.

After trying a product, customers may leave reviews and recommendations for any room of improvement. They can help the business detect any gap in their product or service range, which can lead to launching newer, more successful products. Consequently, the company can discover a niche market and use it as a competitive advantage by charging higher prices.

High Organic Traffic And Visibility

Going digital will bring in higher quality and quantity of organic traffic to websites. It will build up credibility online will work in the brand’s favour when people find you web page at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs)

Maximizing the potential of your website will increase visibility, resulting in exposure of the brand. It will also increase the influence the brand has over customers.

Provides Advanced Analytics

Most digital platforms have a built-in analytics dashboard. Companies can easily view reports of their data on dashboards. They can map a customer’s journeys from the visuals and data. They can recognize trends and patterns of sales and outreach.

Measuring business analytics can help them make informed decisions about where to invest resources. Businesses can cut down costs where they don’t see a return on investment (ROI).

Establishes Brand Identity And Customer Loyalty

Having a massive online following and presence can boost a brand’s reputation.  The company can control what kind of firm the customers perceive them as and cement a brand image in consumer’s heads.

The company can also keep the customers informed about their incoming products range, discounts or any changes made. Consumers get acquainted with their products or services and make repetitive purchases, and customer loyalty is created.

Facilitate Mobile Users

The widespread use of smartphones made it almost a requirement for all websites to be mobile-friendly. As the most portable device, the majority of searches are made from smartphones nowadays.

Mobile Marketing is becoming increasingly popular due to its effectiveness and convenience. It creates more engagement from the personalized user experience. 87% of mobile user’s times are spent on apps which contains thousands of advertisements depending on the type of app it is.


Cost-Effective And Long Term

It is relatively low-cost or sometimes free if the right marketing tools and software are used, such as Google Analytics or Google Search Control.

Digital Marketing is seen as more of an investment due to its long term impact and efficiency at such an economical price.

It definitely doesn’t kill the marketing budget of small, local businesses in Bangladesh but instead generates more profit. It can enable a small firm to hold a larger market share compared to its size.


These days an online identity and presence have become crucial for any type of business. Not having any may make people doubt about a company’s legitimacy to some extent. Online marketing can make companies more creative and develop a competitive edge.

We are experiencing new influences in our purchasing intent and habits every day. It’s our responsibility to identify them and stay ahead. That’s where we come in.

Deep Blue Creatives has an array of services for digital marketing all over Bangladesh.

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