Why Choose WordPress For Your Website (2020)

Why Choose WordPress For Your Website (2020)

Create Superior Websites With WordPress


Building a new website has never been simpler, thanks to the advancement of  Content Management Systems (CMS). Choosing the right platform is key, and today, we discuss the most popular platform, WordPress.

Although WordPress began as a blogging tool, it has evolved beyond that to become a powerful website builder and leading CMS.

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WordPress is applauded for its flexibility and adaptability for every kind of website.

Types of diverse websites that can be created using WordPress include:

  • Professional Blogs
  • Business Website
  • eCommerce Store
  • Non-profit Website
  • Jobs Board
  • Wiki Websites
  • Podcast
  • School and University Websites
  • News Sites
  • Charity And Auction Websites

WordPress is used by 34% of all websites on the Internet.

Moreover, WordPress dominates the CMS market with an astounding 59.6%

Notable big name brands like Facebook, Sony, Disney, MTV, Time Magazine, Bata, Marks & Spencer, all use WordPress to power their websites.

In fact, WordPress is so reliable and secure that Sweden uses it for their country’s official website.

If it’s good enough for a country, it’s good enough for you, right? In case you’re still pondering about the features, here’s a breakdown.

Free and Open-Source


The software itself is absolutely free, although you need a domain and web hosting to install it. Then you can customize it any way you like to create your desired website using all the new tools that comes with WordPress.

User-friendly For Beginners


WordPress is very intuitive and user friendly. It is easy to set up without extensive prior knowledge, and straightforward navigation helps beginners learn much about the platform.

Suppose you face any issue and need support. In that case, there are tons of detailed guidelines and video tutorials online to help resolve your problem. There are also blogs and forums out there for WordPress tips.

Beginners can also create pages without knowing any programming languages like HTML.


Easy Customization With Themes and Plugins


There are plenty of themes and plugins (both free and premium) available to customize your website the way you want it.

Don’t want to start from scratch? Take advantage of hundreds of themes, which are like templates to alter website design.

Use various plugins for custom functionality and features like contact forms, analytics, quizzes, memberships and many more.

WordPress is also multilingual, complete with 169 different languages for non-English speakers.

You can also schedule the content you publish to a specific date and time if you think more traffic is present at a particular time.


SEO Friendly


Search Engine Optimization is crucial to get high-quality organic traffic.

Popular search engines consistently rank WordPress websites higher due to its internal framework and high-quality code. WordPress automatically generates heading tags and meta descriptions for your posts. You can also shorten your URLs for users to recognize what page they are in instantly.

You can also install WordPress SEO plugins for better website performance.


Supports Various Media Types


WordPress has built-in media uploader to post photos, documents, audio and video files. Videos can either be uploaded on your own or by attaching a link.

Social Media integration allows insertion of various YouTube videos, Instagram and Facebook photos, Soundcloud audio, and Tweets by pasting the URL in the WordPress post editor.

People can also interact with their social media accounts, such as commenting and sharing. This creates engagement and boosts exposure to the site.


Safety and Security


WordPress prioritizes safety and security. It is easy to get an SSL certificate for the website, which is crucial if the site involves money transactions.

You can use a strong password with mixed characters and implement Two-Factor Authentication.

For advanced security, use password protection for folder contents.

Additionally, you can install WordPress Security Plugin.

You can take your security up a notch by installing WordPress Backup Plugin to back up all your data in case of any incident.


Easy Management


WordPress has an admin dashboard from where you can control everything. You can view recent stats of the outreach of your posts, read comments and get news updates.

Themes and plugins can be updated from the dashboard when a notification shows up. Similarly, you will be notified when the updated version of the software will be available for your site.

It also has multi-user capability so different people can contribute to the making of the website, just install the plugin, WordPress Codex.

Third-party platforms are also integrated into it. This enables email marketing service and payment gateways like Bkash/bank transfer for ECommerce sites and Google Analytics.

Mobile Friendly


Mobile searches make up for 50% of the total searches, so that is an immense amount of traffic. The increasing use of smartphones has pushed websites to be mobile-friendly in order to rank higher in search engine results.

WordPress websites can be accessed on laptops, tablets and mobiles. WordPress has a responsive design which automatically scales your website to match your device.

The mobile app for WordPress is available in both Android and iOS for users who prefer a portable device to create and edit their posts.

Speed is an essential factor for mobile searches. You can check out Google PageSpeed Insights to accelerate your website using valuable insights.




With the emergence of hundreds of websites every day, one-third of it being powered by WordPress, it’s safe to say that it is the clear market leader in Content Management Systems (CMS).

This software is flexible, robust and continuously updated, which makes it the most powerful website builder.

If making a website from scratch seems like a hassle, we are here to help.

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